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May 292014
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In my last post, People 1, the subject was up close and personal.
This is middle distance and so more detached. But close enough to see facial expression and general demeanour.
I had tried to make something interesting with these steps as we walked past on holiday but failed. Passing later after lunch I saw this person sitting there. With the right focal length, angle of view and in post I have tried to make him look as if he is almost sitting on a lined wall and so reduce the impact of the steps. Did I say that!!!

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  1. I enjoyed this image as it played with my mind. You achieved exactly what you tried to do and when i look at a part of the image without the figure I can perceive the steps as if it were a wall.

    However the instant I include the figure in my field of view my brain takes over and says “that must be steps he is sitting on”.

    Clearly this shows that our brain is a huge part of our seeing. Just like Photoshop is a huge part of image making.

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