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May 242014
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In my last post I did warn you that I was going to be sharing the development of my “archetype” project. If this is of no interest to you then stop reading now !!

When our youngest son crossed the stage recently to be capped for his degree I wondered about the archetypes that were present with me at that time. I have found out that Archetypes are divine tools that your Soul uses to create this lifetime. They are as fundamental to your existence as having a physical body. If you see each lifetime as being a painting created by the Soul, then archetypes are the paints the soul uses to create each lifetime. Archetypes provide you with a set of tools, skills, capabilities, lessons, opportunities and potential for this lifetime. They are the source of your personal power in this lifetime and they combine with your soul to co-create your life’s journey.

Each phase of a woman’s life, as well as each initiation, calls a particular archetype to centre stage. Over the course of our lives we have the opportunity to experience all of these archetypal energies in all of their glory and their shadow. Life brings the initiations needed to invoke our shadow, heal the wounds, and give us access to the gifts of all of the archetypes.

The queen/mother aspect of a woman is a complex that has a personal relationship with her subjects and assumes the responsibility of providing an environment in which her subjects can thrive and flourish and find the relational qualities necessary for harmony to exist in the queendom. Her very presence in life leads her through experiences to discover the role that awaits her. Her role will be to instil in her subjects the qualities that she, by her own inner sense of things, deems important. She tends to be very supportive of social systems that provide an extended environment in which her children or subject are safe to explore and then return to her. Her view of wholeness is not simply herself, but the oneness of herself with her self-defined charges, be these children or adults. She, of course, will sacrifice herself for her charges, for she has traded her individual path for the opportunity to be the creator and inspiration of her charges who in her creative side she hopes will fulfil and surpass the dreams that she sacrificed to care for them. So, the accomplishments of her subjects become her fulfilment.

One of the greatest challenges to us as Mother is to allow our children and our creations to be what they are, which may not be perfect or healthy or beautiful in a conventional way. So while I sit with my Queen / Mother archetypes to the fore I want to leave you with this most beautiful, perceptive poem by my good friend Jane O’Shea.

My Child Leaves Home

You tumbled into my heart
I fell hopelessly in love with you from
the first time I spied your tiny eyes
Awe and terror that something so precious
that smelled so pure
could be given into my care
I long to know that I have done good enough

I wanted so much to do it perfectly
To mother you as I was never mothered
Give you the life I had always dreamed
But real life and my humanness got in the way
If I find fault, it is not criticism of you
but my own guilt at my own failings

That I could save you from the fire of your own life
that my struggle could take away yours and
my suffering could protect you from pain

All I can do is admire you
admire you into your life
Rejoice in you, everything
Watch breathtaken as you create your world

Forgive me for my mistakes
honour me for doing the utter best I could
Share with me all the worlds that you find
And come back to me
in the spaces between

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