A Painted Sky

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May 222014
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I have been incorporating textures in my images quite a lot lately.

In landscapes the texture seems to “stick” in the sky. The foreground gains some grit and depth from a texture but the sky changes completely.

I am still working out why I enjoy this so much.

Essentially the texture takes the image another step away from reality. This makes the point that I am showing you what I felt and not necessarily what I saw.

Whatever the reason – Im having fun with it so I will likely keep playing.

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  4 Responses to “A Painted Sky”

  1. Ian, I had a good look and think about your image before I read your words. Perhaps we are suffering from the same affliction right now – not asking the question that Tim asked when commenting on my last image. First, this is a beautifully crafted image. I love the shapes colours, textures, form and compositio. Absolutely ticks all those boxes as one would expect. Back to Tim – but what else does it say? The foreground is clear – perhaps that is the present – well defined and known. The background is not so clear – perhaps that is the future. For all of us the future is not all that clear but for you right now there is added uncertainty. Perhaps we are seeing this manifest in your images? Perhaps you will fly over the next horizon sometime soon – it looks like there are great things out there …. awesome work.

  2. I think the thing I’m loving so much with these is that the textures takes them into the painterly realm and that’s something that sits very gently with me. I think you’re right on the nail – another step away from reality.

  3. This one says space to me also – and I agree with Bruce’s and Jenny’s comments

  4. Like it. The texture does add to it. I agree with Bruce’s comments. The horizon and what is over it is it’s all about I think.

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