Above and Below! – Alan Bilham

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May 212014
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The Capture of this image greatly impresses me, as it clearly reveals the surface, and the underlying features of the trauma that  occurs when a drop of water strikes the surface of water.

The notion that the underside can be this revealing is scary for most, as the image so emulates our deepest fear, that of revealing too much of our unconscious, ( Underside ) when suddenly faced with life’s dramas.

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  4 Responses to “Above and Below! – Alan Bilham”

  1. Instead of viewing the impact moment as trauma I think this shows an amazing degree of flexibility in the way the energy is absorbed – that is an “underside” to be proud of rather than scary to reveal.

    Great interpretation though – all that and a superb picture

  2. Love it, I have played with this sort of macro imagery, it is a lot of fun seeing the different reactions that the water produces when the water droplets hit the water.

  3. This is wonderful! Such energy above and although there is impact below it appears more controlled. If an image tells us about it’s maker…

  4. Great image. It’s interesting that the violence above makes a more uniform controlled impression below.. The light patterns on the lower left look like script. Some wisdom gained by this experience?

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