May 202014
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If anyone knows me well they will know that there are two things that send me into a tail spin – textures and triangles. This image was made with pure instinct, it is one of the very few images that I have made without conscious knowledge. In fact, when I downloaded my images form the day I had no recollection of making this image at all. I was very satisfied to know that triangles and textures are alive and well. This image sits very comfortably in my life and expresses so much about me. I will leave the rest for you to figure out.

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  8 Responses to “An image tells us about its maker ….”

  1. what, I never knew you liked triangles!!! but beautiful image Pops

  2. Im just glad that it didnt mean you were feeling blue that day!!

    For me the symmetry of the shapes makes the whole thing just sing. There is a beautiful sense of balance between each of the different forms within the image

  3. Lovely image. One way of knowing a good image is when your wants to keep studying and moving, lingering around the photograph. This one shows the power of both triangle and texture as your eye keeps dancing from point of one triangle to the next…then eyes want to linger on the texture…then to next point… Very enjoyable image!

  4. The image speaks for itself. It is beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous textures and tones. Love it

  6. Ok I see a stunning landscape full of triangles and textures but what more? The mountain in the far background attracts my attention. Father? Distant land?. Two different time scales. Old mountains formed over one time scale. Glacier moving at a faster pace shaping the mountains. A sense of life in the land.

    • Love it Tim. One over riding feeling I had when standing there was that I was right in the middle of a giant construction site, “God’s” construction site. Amazing to see the making of the landscape right in front of me. Also the sounds of falling things around me reinforced your notion of life in the land.

      • Gods construction zone. I like that. Slartibartfast did a few glaciers but mostly fiords in the hitch hikers guide. Interestingly the iPad spell correct knows how to spell Slartibartfast !

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