May 192014
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As hard as I try not, sometimes I just have to sneak away from the job in hand, and pick up the camera. The calls are often, and sometimes loud, but mostly the insistent instant is consigned to that secure place in the grey matter with a mental “click”, hopefully to be recognised in its full glory, with camera present this time, at some more convenient moment.

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  4 Responses to “Material Study – Mataatua Marae Rotorua, April 2014”

  1. Love he symmetry Jenny.

  2. This image reminds me of many things – but it doesnt actually look like any of the things that I imagine it to be.

    That is perfect in an abstract image

  3. Jen, above all, this image pleases me because it was an opportunity captured, not consigned. I love the shapes, tones and the amazing perspective. in its abstraction it takes me many places and is ever changing. Great work. You should try moving this image up and down the screen at some par – it is really dynamic.

  4. Bruce is so right about moving it up and down on the screen, creates so many different images. Wonder what the eye would see if it was printed really big.

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