Tall Trees

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May 152014
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Reaching out,

Looking for the suns fiery warmth,

Battling the cold. 

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  4 Responses to “Tall Trees”

  1. We need to go back again – Is the super all terrain, all weather vehicle still up to it??

  2. I clicked to this image & instantly the Eva Cassidy version of Tall trees in Georgia came in to my head. I love snow way to much sometimes one of the reasons to work on the coldest driest windiest continents on the planet. Lovely feel in this image Ferg well captured is this still a Canon image or a Fuji.

  3. We can’t see if the trees are tall or short. So it must be important to have good roots in the ground. And keep them there even when it’s cold.

  4. Despite the obvious chill Ferg, this has a sense of warmth about it, and that gentleness you’re so good at. I really love this one.

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