Time for some Change

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May 092014
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Welcome to our new look website!

Before we start, a HUGE thank you to Vicki (and her beloved, Nigel) for all the work involved in making this happen.

Have a good look around and see what you can find.

Look out for the new ‘Gallery’ as well as the more familiar ‘Recent’. The front page is just about the image – explore further afield to see more. You can create your own account on the site – a breeze, especially if you login with your favourite social network account. Notice that you can be emailed when there are new comments, or just click and jump to the latest comment made on any post – you’ll find them at the bottom of the screen. When scrolling through images you can choose to do so by artist or by date – spot the links above and below the image. There is new stuff everywhere…

By the way, we can upload video now so let’s see who tries that first…

Probably the biggest change is a new contributor – we now have a spot for some regular guests. We call them our “Artists in Residence” so go to the tab on the Photographers’ page, or select from the drop-down menu, to find out more about them. Look out for Barbara’s first post right after Ferg in the rotation.

The main driver for this change was a technical one, but we have taken the opportunity to improve your experience while keeping the clean simple feel of the old site.

We hope you enjoy the new aGathering!

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  1. This looks fantastic!!!

    Nicki Mora

  2. Great opening image Vicki.

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