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One of the group members has a habit of planting annoying threads of enquiry into my brain.  She also has a talent for asking challenging questions in the nicest possible way – a skill she has picked up from her own mentor I would suggest.  My son also possesses the same traits and between them I have been launched into an intriguing exploration of the feminine archetypes.
My lounge fireplace is now surrounded with half a dozen plaster casts of the female torso.  In the process I have discovered much about how long you have got to work with plaster of paris before it clumps into an unworkable form, the value of using vaseline and gladwrap, the differences between plaster impregnated bandages versus mutton cloth and most of all I have discovered the utter joy of creating.  Bless my patient partner who puts up with plaster hand prints on door handles, dribbling plastic sheets in the back porch and a chaotic trail of debris from my studio through the kitchen and into the surrounding sheds.  Such bliss !!
I'm guessing that my next couple of posts will be concerned with this work in progress – mainly because the project is filling my head so much.  As a partial explanation of what I'm doing I should explain what I am understanding so far.  The starting point has arisen from my attention being drawn to this statement: Life is about birth and death – between is wisdom, spirituality and individuation
Individuation, according to Jungian psychology, expresses the process in which the individual self develops out of the unconscious.  It is a developmental process that incorporates the innate elements of personality and a person's life experiences so that they become integrated over time into a well-functioning whole. 
As multifaceted, spirit-embodied beings, we each have a complex psychological and emotional constitution that produces one’s inner health and outer reality. Each one of us, male and female, carries within our psyche archetype energies. From these archetypes come our conscious thoughts, plans, desires, goals and agendas.  As we continue our life journey different archetypes come into play  with one being center stage in a given moment and the others being available and accessible or in shadow. The deepest initiations, and therefore, the greatest openings to Self-realization, creativity, and service to the world, come through the gates of our shadow, our most unloved, unwanted, archetypal wound.
This shadow aspect of an archetype is challenging me the most at present.

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  1. Wow Pauline. this goes so deep i am nervous to comment. Nevertheless i am interested in the balance between thinking and action. In your art you are combining both which I am sure will take you on an interesting journey.

  2. John, I am also nervous about making comment on where my work is taking me at present. You are insightful in saying that the balance between thinking and action will be an interesting exercise. I have been focusing these past twelve months or so on finding ways to bring into action the thinking that occupies my mind. It is indeed an interesting journey, one that compels me, gives me wisdom and joy and especially connects me to like minded people – who become anchor points for me to be able to reflect and gain my breath before continuing on my search. Thank you for your comments.

  3. I keep coming back to this Pauline. Very, very powerful. The shadow is neatly divided into parts, which indicates some sort of analysis to me. Or a moving from stage to stage. The shadow self is defined in the light. The part of life that is well lit and easy to see in. But it also lays in the dark, something in there is helping hold us up.. The right of the image is an unknown black void. So black we can’t see what’s there, perhaps a little frightening. But within that is a source of light, bright and pure. That I have found is a very helpful truth. Enabling us to dive into the darkness with the knowledge that we will eventually find light there. This image also shows us that without darkness we can’t see anything. This image would be a white page. Because it has black blacks and white whites it is a clear and strong image. I have found that life’s darkest moments have been the most enlightening. Also that when we are facing the light all the time we can not see ourselves, but if we turn around we can see in our shadow our true shape,

  4. Tim I am so glad you are part of this group and I shouldn’t be surprised that your comments often match the unspoken stuff I vaguely try to allude to. I don’t know how you manage to find those threads but you do and you say it so well.

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