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I have never been interested in making a photograph that describes what the world I live in looks like, but I am interested in what pictures (of the world) look like. – Uta Barth

I first came across the work of Uta Barth when I enrolled for photography at school with my daughter in 2003. It was my introduction to the magic of the darkroom and learning from artist models.

I loved that much of her work was abstract, subjectless, and played with our concept of a photograph, and the act of seeing. I hadn’t thought about her work for years until I sat with this one pondering the urge to make this picture (and the many others I’ve made in a similar vein), and I came full circle again, suddenly aware of her reach across time and space.

I love to be inspired by other’s work, and most especially to be so unconsciously, if not obviously.

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  One Response to “Chair/Curtain Mataatua Marae, Rotorua April 2014”

  1. I like this it harbours a story, deep inside it, you just have to look. Well done

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