Alstroemeria bird – Jenny Reeve

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Apr 252014
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I mostly like simple things in my photos. Life is complicated enough already and I have urges to remove stuff and simplify. This flower was taken normally, against a white background and backlit with natural light, but the processing revealed the birdlike head, wings and tail. The white markings are dark parches on the petals which changed to white when the image was inverted. Amazing what you can see when you remove colour and tinker with a few sliders. I think this simple little bloom looks more like a bird than a flower now.

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  5 Responses to “Alstroemeria bird – Jenny Reeve”

  1. Jenny, it is such fun moving an image further and further from reality. I very much like what you have done here.

  2. Amazing! Thank you for joining us, and especially for the inspiration! This will make me look at my work a little bit differently now.

  3. I just love it Jenny
    A series of images like this would look amazing!!!

  4. and Wow again. Simple, elegant and striking.

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