Two Doors

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Apr 202014
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Life often presents us with two options, two paths to take, two doors…….

Isnt it a shame we cant open both doors and take a peek before deciding.

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  5 Responses to “Two Doors”

  1. I was going to write something that i hoped was deep and meaningful but then I decided I would just look in the window of the door on the left and decide if that room was worth entering.

    • see John, even your comments are like your photography, clean, uncluttered and cut right to the chase. Love it.

  2. For me I prefer the uncertainty of the not knowing. You come to the fork in the road do you go left or right, it is more about what you make of it, but like John, I think I would look through the window with the curtains open, what is the other window hiding.

  3. Interesting comments. I would definitely take a risk and enter the door with the closed curtain. Its too easy and obvious to go the other way. The best decisions I have ever made were a huge leap into the unknown! Great image for what it represents Ferg.

  4. Interesting how one window is white , one black and that we assume that the doors open into those spaces.

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