Of City and Earth

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Apr 192014
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  4 Responses to “Of City and Earth”

  1. It’s a pity that a place where the rebirth of a new vibrant city is supposed to be happening feels so bleak. But it is what it is

  2. I like this image very much. The texture, tone, hue, shading and general treatment make it old world and that appeals. in this way the depressing reality is softened but not denied.

  3. You know what amazes me most about this image is that we were there and we all ended up seeing such different things. I treasure being able to share our images so that we get another opportunity to see the same thing through other eyes.

  4. This is a powerful image for me, Tim. It looks like a war zone, which in many ways it is. While we can look on the bright side of all the good things that have and will in future come out of the destruction, there’s no denying there’s plenty of sadness too.

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