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Apr 172014
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There are many different faces to the streets of London.  I was quite delighted to find this one.  In the middle of busy roads, we stepped through a vehicle-sized tunnel under a building and walked into this quiet residential street of narrow little houses.  It was surprising to find some mature olive trees growing here, with a few small black olives still on their branches. While it was comparatively quiet and peaceful in the middle of the day with, presumably, everyone at work, I imagine little streets like this become a hive of activity once everyone is home, especially as the days grow longer and warmer over summer.  Lots of homes stacked cheek to cheek and atop each other.
Having grown up on a quarter acre section, with a forest to explore at one end of the street and sand dunes and the sea at the other I struggle to comprehend a life where the view from your front window is a view of your neighbour’s front window.  Where children play in the street because they don’t have their own backyard.  Where very little is private.  There are so many people living in London there is obviously no choice but to cram them in like this. 
What started out as delight changed to concern as I thought more about my image.  The street was pretty, obviously well cared for, and a bit of a haven from the bustle happening not far away, and I know there are far worse places to live.  But I think I’d find living in a large city a bit ‘difficult’.

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  1. I’m very much with you in my feeling about living in the tight confines of a big city. However there must be a wonderful feeling of community in such a place as this and I guess those who live there would feel lost living where we do.

  2. I couldn’t live with so little space either. I find the pressure of so many people so close quite noticeable But if people can get on and form a strong community in these spaces then it’s all good. The middle ground is more worrying where people have enough space to ignore one another. I’m very grateful to live were I do.

  3. I love how the perspective has really emphasized the feeling of living on top of one another. I’m quite glad this isn’t a jigsaw puzzle I have to do.

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