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Apr 142014
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My early years were in Africa.  For some time we did not have electricity.  We went to bed with the sun and got up with it again.  Dawn and sunset were quiet, peaceful transitions into the day and out of it again – times of reflection of what was and what is to come, without the interruption of technology. Simplicity.

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  1. Another calming, tranquil image following on from Jenny’s. The colours and softness are the key but the composition is bang on as well – centred horizon creating a still space on top to counter-balance the perception of soft, gentle movement in the bottom half. Even got an oblique line in there as well. Great.

  2. It’s the contrasts that I am enjoying in this image.
    Warm and cool, dark and light, soft and harsh. And then there is a small oblique line to set it all off.

  3. Oh Well, I sent the wrong write put Ferg. This is what it should have been:

    Slowing down ..

    I don’t know about you but my life seems to move at a million miles an hour and is full of complexity. Some days I just want everything to go away so I can focus on the essence of something rather glimpsing and running. So, I took myself off to my favourite beach to find my calm space by the ocean. I love how it moves, how it sounds and all the colours. I was totally alone immersed in the beauty of our planet. The ocean did it for again, I calmed down and started to relate to the movement, lines and colours I so love in this place.

  4. Very nice. I like that the soft focus simplifys and in doing so shows us the beautiful detail in the foreground. Something that we would miss because other seemingly more important things demand our attention. But the simple earth that we stand on is more important than what might be in the distance. I think set against some of your other images with the focus on the horizon there are some interesting things to be learned.

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