Tram Tracks

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Apr 122014
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My camera does not understand less is more. So often I see something that piques my interest but the image out of the camera does not show it to the viewer because it is overwhelmed by all the detail. I want detail but only the detail that interested me in the first place.
Out of the camera this image has everything you would expect from 36 megapixel sensor and Zeiss lens and isn’t that why we pay for these things. But that is the difference between looking and seeing. It showed the fine texture of the roadcarpet and how it had faded unevenly in the sun. it showed the light coloured cement strips either side of the tram tracks. It showed the yellow painted road marker lines. It showed slightly rusted manholes.
 It was a great account of what this intersection looked like. BUT, it was not showing clearly enough what I was seeing. With conversion to monochrome and the help of Nik, what caught my attention now shows – curving lines and rectangles with diamonds inside.

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  5 Responses to “Tram Tracks”

  1. You just see this type of image so well. I am in awe

  2. John, I love this work. Simplicty is something I strive for all the time. Interesting to see the different ways we achieve it. Love this image.

  3. Nice, simple but compelling.

  4. The simplicity you achieve has a unique “John” feel to it and I think that you and your camera are a great team.
    I also think that the camera often sees details that we are not aware of and that those details can become the key to an image. So it works both ways.

    • You are right about the camera seeing details we are not aware of – sometimes that can make us change tack. We need to be open to what the camera sees as well as what we see.

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