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Mactown, this has been my home for a total of 14 months over two seasons. I spent the winter of 2005 here, 10 months in total, as a boiler Mechanic, keeping the occupants warm, well trying too. The winter can be a lonely time for some folks who stay here, not me I had a ball, busy with work & busy with being an idiot. I loved it.
It is funny in the depths of the winter when the air temp is under -55F the planes cant land, well not easily, so you get to thinking if something happens we are in the, up the creek without a paddle. You start to think about life especially when it is -112F wind chill & blowing a light 122mph breeze, you could be snuffed out before anyone could come close to helping you. Doesn’t matter have another whisky, she’ll be right?
First time I swam in Ross Sea it was pretty cold, wind chill was around -72F, so it had an effect on body parts! Especially as I did it naked along with a whole heap of other people, what an amazing buzz, the water actually felt warm, well for all of a nano second.
So many stories, so many memories, an experience worth several lifetimes. I went back in 2007 for the summer season, same job but didn’t enjoy the summer as much as the winter, too many people.

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  1. yYou are a lucky man Scott. I would love to do the same thing too but my regulatory skills may not be that much needed out there 🙂 Thanks for showing us this place and sharing what your time here meant to you.

  2. The next best thing to going there is to hear (and see) stories ……. Thankyou Scott

  3. We on agathering often spend our energy trying to make ” meaningful” images. But simple images of places we live and people we make are the most meaningful we will ever make. We mustn’t forget that. Looking back there are some holes in my collection that I can’t replace.

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