Old Tree

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Apr 102014
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As the night get longer and the days get shorter we seek shelter for the winter…..

I'm sure this tree has sheltered a lot of animals from the harsh southern winter.

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  5 Responses to “Old Tree”

  1. I like this image, Ferg. They say it is all about the light. But, it is also about the dark because that gives the contrast and mystery.

  2. I agree John. Great image Ferg. Full of mystery, mood and character, all formed by harsh circumstance.

  3. I agree with both John and Bruce. I really need some good roots like that for my fairy set!!!

  4. Light illuminates an image & black defines an image as per the great words of the B&W master W Eugene Smith.
    I like what you have done here Ferg you have given this image a real sense mystic. Nice

  5. It gets dark every night. That’s when we need shelter. Nicely done Ferg.

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