Bumble bee

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Apr 012014
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I enjoy listening to the 1930’s blues; they are raw, emotional & full of courage.

Memphis Minnie sang a song called New Bumble Bee that I have listened too several times, when I saw this bumblebee heading  towards the borage flower I thought of the song, look it up & see if you can work out what it is about!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  4 Responses to “Bumble bee”

  1. Very nice Scott. Colour too.

  2. I love this Scott! The bee capture, the colours and the post treatment. It all works for me perfectly. Now I’ll go and check out the song 😉

  3. I really enjoy this image Scott.
    It is interesting that it is quite different to a lot of your work yet there is something that tells me you made it.
    There is a timeless feeling here as well – perhaps that comes from the song.
    Speaking of the song – I looked it up but struggled to get past the obvious meanings

  4. Thanks guys & Ian you got it, Memphis Minnie had a problem with sex she couldn’t get enough. I enjoyed making this image. It was great to have you on my last workshop Ian, good to see you getting around with camera in hand.

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