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Recently Carol, poor Carol, and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by taking a wee trip to Queenstown.

In typical Carol style she had a few things she wanted to do, eating at Rata Restaurant http://www.ratadining.co.nz/  was top of her list and I have to say it deserved its place, the food was exceptional!!!

The other was having a burger at Fergburger http://fergburger.com/fullscreen.html a very famous burger spot down this end of the country. Wowza the burgers were huge and really, really, good. We had to get in the queue at 10am to get a breakfast burger, they are that popular, but I can now understand why.

While we were waiting I thought it an appropriate time to play with my new toy and made this image.

As I did I was confronted with the thought, how many people had sat in this exact position and seen a similar view?

It got me really thinking…….not good for me I know……

How often, as a photographer, are we standing on the same spot or sitting in the same seat as thousands of people have before us? Considering this idea our responsibility is to walk in their shoes but produce our own individual take on what all those people have seen.

Scary responsibility isn't it………………………………

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  4 Responses to “Waiting at Fergburger”

  1. Great image, you must have an amazing camera. Remind me, what have you got? Just remember the responsibility you have with That camera in your hand! I have been to Ferburgers often. Your image reminds me of my Anna – the locals call ahead so you don’t have to queue. Quite an institution.

  2. There’s a great connectedness when one considers our lives in this light. We follow one another like sheep, often without thought for the ones that have gone before. We don’t have to walk our own path, sometimes it’s a huge advantage that others may have smoothed the way. We just have to walk it in our own way, and be glad that we have our own truths to guide us.

    I can’t believe there is actually a place called Fergburger!

  3. Did you get a discount?

  4. So do they do Whisky buggers & do you get royalties. Good image all the same.

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