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Mar 302014
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  8 Responses to “Sunrise”

  1. Wow!!!

  2. Sun rising all over the place!

  3. This image instantly grabbed my attention. It pulls me into a North American Indian scenario and mendallas. Meditation prayer a rite of passage and a journey all feature in this for me. Beautiful Tim just beautiful

  4. Ian beat me to it. Wow! So unusual and so interesting.

  5. It’s a shame that I see most of these on my cellphone nowdays, the power of the full size image is much greater. I found myself connecting with both Pauline and Bruce’s comments with this. American Indian references, but in addition there was the sense of this huge buzzsaw cutting it’s way into the light. Are you on a mission?

    • So you didn’t sleep last night either Jenny. Yes , off to a meeting with the mayor this morning to give them a rev up. Maybe I’ll take my battery skilly. 🙂 For me this image of sunrise sunset is about cycles. The day cycle clearly but also the cycle of life. Part of the process goes to black in death to rise again, bright and active. It’s coming up ten years since my late wife Trace ended her earthly cycle. So that’s been in the back of my mind. I like the machine analogy and the Mandella and Indian themes are of course about the cycle of life too.

      • Yes – sometimes it’s easier to get up and do something! Now I see the clock ticking, second, minutes, hours, days, years. And we flow in and out.

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