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Mar 292014
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One of the reasons for belonging to the aGathering group was to share and talk about our process of working.  I’ve recently been able to spend time with the most southern gentleman in our group and he was keen to see how I made my images.  Most of my colleagues in the group fondly refer to my work as ” Pauline’s blurry sh** ” – a term of endearment that inspires me to continue working in this way just to annoy them.  I’m not sure that I was able to elucidate my respected southern colleague as to how I do what I do but I thought I could share with you some of the stages I go through when I want to play in my sandpit and create an image.  This series of images shows the raw starting file and a couple of “plays” that came out of it.

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  1. Very interesting. I like the first one even better than the geometric one. Which is saying something when I usually prefer geometric images.

  2. I like this. Both the colours and arrangement of the parts puts me in a happy place. The geometrics remind me very much of Japanese origami paper and design. I’ve been considering my response to the different approaches by, in particular, Frank Lloyd Wright and Hundertwasser (as related to the right and left sides of your picture), and why the geometric form still has huge relevance for me although it can be perceived as constraining and left brain oriented. I’ve come to the conclusion that it works the other way and keeps that part occupied with labelling and patterns so that the right brain is free to wander at will with no frowning big brother to stamp it down. I find the structure and order peaceful.

  3. I like the first one too. But it’s very interesting that you are working with the Geometric idea. Jen is of course a master of it. I did a wee talk on design for our group down here including John and Ian. It reminded me of the golden section so i have been doing some reading on that and pentagons ect. I can see some five shot multiples coming up.

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