Lunch at the show

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Mar 272014
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We went to the flower show on a warm summers day.

My conservative estimate was that there were several gazillian people there that day.

However apart from people at the various stalls or displays we didn’t speak to anyone.

I thought of that as I sat people watching while I had my lunch – here we were, all these people, together yet apart.

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  3 Responses to “Lunch at the show”

  1. I love this Ian, it epitomizes the way we live our lives today. That person striding out of the frame is important for me -on a mission and oblivious. The couple inward focused. I really like the viewpoint, it feels very intimate, yet none appears to notice you’re there.

  2. I agree with Jenny’s reading to this. The walking pass and away tell the story as the couple are focused on consumption.

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