Mantra 1 – Martin D Page

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Mar 262014
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MANTRA I (Note to Self)

Archival Digital Print 985 x 985mm
Produced on the occasion of the Rotorua Museum Art Awards 2013

I learnt a lot from the production of this work, not the least of which was to always shoot at the highest quality possible, no matter what, because you’ll never know how you might want to use the image later. Prior to this work I probably didn’t consider myself a photographer, not in any large-scale sense. MANTRA I (Note to Self) was my entry in the 2013 Rotorua Museum Art Awards. The rules for the competition put a limit on the size of works at one square metre, and my natural inclination was to try to make the most of that. Conceptually, much of what informed this work came from my exposure to Eastern philosophy. In conjunction with this I practise meditation, particularly with the use of mantras and affirmations. When making art I tend to incorporate or reflect aspects of my own life experience, and on this occasion I found myself considering the ideas of detachment and judgementalism. I was interested in the apparent contradiction of entering an artwork to be judged, and the notion of observation without emotional attachment. It was, of sorts, a game of words and semantics, with hope that it might produce a ‘smile in the mind’.

M D Page February 2014

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  2 Responses to “Mantra 1 – Martin D Page”

  1. Hi Martin.
    You did it !! I certainly found a little “smile in my mind” as I applied this thought to lots of scenarios

  2. Thanks for joining us Martin, and putting up a work that challenges us to consider what lies behind, and within!

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