Mar 242014
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Their voices are quiet. They have many truths to tell.
I’m listening.

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  4 Responses to “Arabesque: Leptospermum scoparium, Sulphur Point, Rotorua March 2014”

  1. I love this whole series, Jenny. I can just sit and look and marvel at the intricacies of the patterns of light, dark and colour – I get drawn in. Web like branches to follow. Symbolic patterns. Just like the kaleidoscope we had when I was little. Then I blink and see veined arms, hands reaching out to clasp others.
    Quite possibly not at all what you had in mind, but there you go!

    • Thanks Vicki. It was the arms reaching out that prompted me to make this particular frame in the first place. I’m finding that each one of these comes from a very particular little subconsious dig at the time and I’m learning to stop and let the stories come before I make the picture.

  2. Fascinating 3D effect for me. I am engrossed in the natural colours, shapes and symmetry. No monsters in here Jenny!

  3. I keep coming back to this. The strong and intricate detail.

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