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Not everything is bad after the earthquake in Christchurch. One of the things that’s better is the amount and quality of street art. I was so impressed with how this fits around the features in the brick wall.
Art in the street is so accessible.


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  1. I found it very interesting that the street art gives the city a feeling of rebirth and growth. Should it be allowed to continue Christchurch is going to be an amazing city with a cultural vibe that it will be proud of. A unique feel.

  2. John, I really enjoy the calm of this image, which is quite different to the feel I got when I was photographing the street art with Ian, Tim and Ann over the weekend. I found the juxtaposition of the art and the chaos around it unsettling but then I naturally want tidy things up.

  3. The treatment you have given this has brought the sense of calm and delicacy to the work, quite a different feeling too seeing it in the street, although I loved it’s real form too. I really hope that this at doors stay, it’s a wonderful addition to the urban space.

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