The Old Humber

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Mar 212014
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The Old Humber, still toiling away after all these years………………sound familiar?

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  4 Responses to “The Old Humber”

  1. I liked the timelessness of the is image. It could have been made yesterday or 20 years ago but for the slight ageing of the Humber.

    And – was glamour glow available then??

  2. Glamour glow, dont think they knew the word then. Yeah I actually had one in 1985,cool we car., Nice image Ferg.

  3. The sloping streets of Dunedin must be a bonus too if it still uses the only type of batteries available when it was a spring chicken.

  4. Thank god we grew up with cars that we’re slow and heavy. Come to think of it our motorbikes where not. Anyway I for one am grateful to survive my teenage years. Have I changed ….. Maybe not.

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