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Mar 202014
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  4 Responses to “Island”

  1. A very cool puzzle……………

    • It’s a multiple with one shot upside down. To me it’s represents a physical existence floating in a spiritual space. There is something in that space that doesn’t quite have form but does have pattern. I like your puzzle reference . The physical part seems to be made up of a number of parts that are puzzle like in the way they fit together. There is a surf line transition between the physical and spiritual space.

  2. Island in the sky came to mind right away Tim. I like your take on the image very much.

  3. I’ve come back to this a few times to try and verbalize what I like about this. There is something very secure about those dak shapes – protective. Don’t ask me why! The presence in the sky makes me think of matter transformation. A way of moving a body from one plane to the next.

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