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Mar 162014
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A circle is a shape that has been used to represent Zen Buddhism for hundreds of years.
My work focuses on the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi or the beauty of nature and its impermanence/imperfection.
The imperfect circle represents the egoless artwork of Zen and the drip of green ink represents nature and the “path of least resistance” way that it creates forms.

Michael Langdon is a student of Graphic and Media Design at the UAL London College of Communication.
His work to date includes designs for the 6th BFI Future Film Festival in 2013, Yahoo Droidcon 2013 and the event management company MCI.
He is currently planning placements in the Scottish highlands and Vancouver.

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  6 Responses to “Enso – Michael Langdon”

  1. Welcome Michael, this image is exquisite. Perhaps our colleague John has been responsible for my education in learning to appreciate the elegance and beauty in the simple statement that less is more. I certainly am attracted to this image the longer I sit with it. I’m so glad you have shared this with us, I think you have inspired me to new horizons. Blessings.

  2. Welcome from me too Michael. I love simplicity, but even more I love simplicity with meaning. This image gas a great calming influence and I do love the “something from nothing” philosophy embodied in the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi. The lesson for us all is that we can let go of complexity and embrace simplicity in all aspects of our lives, not just in our art. Inspirational. Thank you.

  3. Stunning, both symbolically and aesthetically. I like how the green ink darkens as it drips, both within the drop at the top and the run down the page. Stunning colour as well.
    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo de Vinci

  4. I love it too. The imperfection of the simplicity is the thing which gives it life for me.

  5. For me what makes this delightful is that the simplicity feels organic. The circle is “imperfect” and the running pain brings movement to a still form. Thankyou Michael

  6. I’m late to this discussion Michael and it appears that everyone has voiced my thoughts already. It is the beautiful simplicity and imperfection of the forms that is powerful but very peaceful. The colour green speaks to me of life and growth. Thank you for your inspiration!

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