Mar 092014
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After the death of one of our friends I went out to their farm and spent some time with his wife.  We talked a long time, we cried in between pauses, and we walked for a while.  On my way down their long driveway I stopped and leant over the farm gate and thought about our lives.  I realised that we do not always have a say in what comes our way in life.  And as most of my images are dictated by my heart I asked to be allowed to make an image that showed me this moment.  I am happy to share it with you.


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  8 Responses to “When the wind blows through our lives”

  1. I feel the blue drawing me through the image to happiness beyond. The sadness is the trees and is an essential part of the picture but not a forever.

  2. To me, it shows how huge and all encompassing the spirit is. That the spirit will always be there, wrapping it self around our physical beings even when the mortal body is no longer.

  3. An emotion well expressed. We don’t have choices about what happens, but we might be able to choose what we do about it. Your image is beautifully created.

  4. What a beautiful photograph! Love it! What a special gift to create an image symbolising what you feel in your heart for your friend. I can’t help but wonder if you have created an image with her spirit blowing through the leaves of the trees. And I’m so very sorry for your loss xx

  5. Pauline, I am strongly attracted to this image both aesthetically and well as its spirit. Wind blows through us – it may devastate us or cleanse us. Which depends on how we are when it hits and/or how we choose to experience it.

  6. Nothing is “cut and dried”. Everything has blurred edges but the underlying form is clear. Life is uncertain and feelings are confused, especially at times of great stress, BUT essence of who we are still there in the background, shining through the storm. Very well done Pauline

  7. You have captured the wind as it pushesits way through the trees. Nice feeling in this image, it stirs up memories of stormy day.

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