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Mar 072014
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Ailsa’s cousin has been visiting from France.

Rob is a retired Anglican Vicar and was interested in visiting the new cathedral that he had heard about.

The building looks a bit ordinary from the outside and I had never been inside so I was keen to go and have a look.

I found the building very interesting. The cardboard tubes suggest that this is a very temporary structure – a quick fix. But in reality it isn’t really made of cardboard, as each tube hides a large steel beam, and the building has a future.
Having said that this is a “con” I actually like the feel it gives. To me it is saying “come-on Christchurch get something moving, we need a Cathedral NOW” and the temporary feeling helps reinforces that message.

Primarily though, the building feels like a cathedral and that is what I wanted to say with this image.

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  3 Responses to “Cardboard Cathedral”

  1. And this is not a temporary image but very strong and long lasting – the emphasis on the cross in the corner is powerful with all those oblique lines. Your words and image give a lie to the “temporary” name! I was there just last Saturday morning and was extremely moved by the whole environment.

  2. Ian, as you know I like this image greatly. it is the way you have handled the lines. The oblique line of the cross comes out of the corner and it leads up to the peak of the roof. but the cross bar takes the eye out to the oblique lines of the roof. It has a harmony that befits a cathedral.

  3. The cross points to the light and I feel true reverence. Great image Ian.

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