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Mar 062014
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The philosophy I apply to my work comes from a strong desire to create or make images as opposed to taking images. For me it is the process of creating that I enjoy the most. While I would love to be able to work in watercolour or oils I'm not sure that medium would love me. So photography, in conjunction with Photoshop, has become my brush and canvas, enabling me to explore and express my creativity in other ways.

I have chosen the image above to share, as I feel this image is more about seeing than creating. It is also representative of the beauty I see and want to capture within nature, a subject that I'm particularly passionate about and which most of my work tends focus on (excuse the pun).

This particular scene seemed to jump out at me as I was driving through the wonderful Waikato countryside, where a number of my ‘tree’ subjects have come from. I had driven past the scene probably hundreds of times and never noticed it before, but on this occasion the light seemed to emphasise the graphical nature of the tree in its location and specifically the hedge winding down the slope in front of it. Three frames later, working only to get the right separation between the bottom of the tree and the ground and the right angle of the hedge within the frame, I could feel the excitement, knowing that this would be an image I would love and be proud of.

The image itself is a single capture with subtle overlays added to bring depth and texture to the otherwise clear blue sky. While this image contrasts to a lot of my other work, where I have a tendency to composite multiple images to create fictional, interpretive images and scenes (inspired largely by Henry Peach Robinson and Olivia Parker), it is an image I still love for both its graphical elements and its simplicity.

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  3 Responses to “Tree Hedge – Kaye Davis”

  1. Kaye, I like this, I like it a lot. The sense of peace and calm I get from it is overwhelming.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work and thoughts with us.

  2. I love it. So graphically strong and delicately handled.

  3. So much of the time as photographers we are trying to make the image approximate our human view in 3D. I love the way that this sits very firmly in a 2D space which then creates all sorts of tensions as we try to resolve the arrangements of the elements. I love pictures that play with our minds like this.

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