Blanket of the Earth

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Feb 272014
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This image belongs to the working diary of images that I completed for the exhibition in Sydney entitled “How the Landscape Unites Us”.  It was an image I ended up rejecting, every time I revisit it I have an initial warming towards it but there is something there that doesn’t quite seem to sit at ease.  I was looking for an image that created a feeling of being able to snuggle into the comfort of a familiar bed.  Nearly got there – maybe I’ll revisit it at some later stage.

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  2 Responses to “Blanket of the Earth”

  1. Pauline, given your comments, I have visited this image several times. I like both the two prime elements of this image separately but not so much when the are together. I wonder if there is too abrupt a transition. Have you tried a much more gentle blending of the two because I like the colours of each part and think they work together.

  2. My initial reaction was that I like the colours a lot. It seems to be more about the land than the sky, particularly when compared with the others in the series.
    Perhaps change the crop slightly to emphasize the land. I also agree with John about the relatively abrupt transition.
    But please do revisit it because the story the colour tells is so strong

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