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Feb 252014
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On a fine sunny day I went for a drive.

The special thing about the drive was that it was the first time I had taken my little red car out since the accident. Being a manual transmission it is a bit harder to drive so I had been banned from driving it.

I threw my NEX on the front seat and went out while Ailsa was at the supermarket!!!

On a back country road this silo and the associated artwork caught my eye.

The image sums up the warm feeling I had that day as I took another step towards normality.

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  8 Responses to “Silo Art”

  1. Ian, this image makes me so happy knowing that you have been out and about and taken this on your own. When I sit with it and think about what has happened to you I celebrate this opportunity to be able to see what you have posted here. When life presents us with its scenarios I always see roadways with different possibilities / outcomes. Considering the alternative path of you not being able to survive the accident I am filled with the gratitude that you were able to travel the path you have taken and that we can continue to enjoy your most blessed presence amongst us. You are a treasure !!

  2. Wonderful! Your pictures are starting to look more and more like paintings. I really like the feel to this one – warm and inviting.

  3. Wowee – well done. AND DITTO to the above two posts

  4. Independence! The silo stands proudly on its own as you have Ian. Great image.

  5. Nice image Ian. Wonder what it looks like in black and white or saturated colour (wink, wink).

  6. Great capture of the old Silo, great to hear you are independently getting out & about. I agree with Bruce’s sentiment.

  7. So happy to see this image, and read your comment. God bless as you continue your journey.

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