View from SH1 Waikato, February 2014

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Feb 222014
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  3 Responses to “View from SH1 Waikato, February 2014”

  1. Jenny, I have come back to this several times and I have to admit that I keep wondering what it means. For me it is tending towards bleakness – The Wiakato should be green and verdant but here it is portrayed as nothingness. I feel a real sense of the destruction of the natural landscape, have we lost sight of nature? … I can’t really put my finger on this image but I think my thoughts are going in the direction I have described. I will be very interested in anyone else’s thoughts.

  2. I sense no destruction at all.

    The Waikato is also very much a fog driven place.

    For me the high key feel is bright and illuminating.

    I am enjoying that so little tells so much

  3. Lovely soft landscape Jenny. You have few of these it would be good to see them together. I see the Fog and the river… in the clouds with a heart in it! yip Waikato.

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