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Pauline, I have been thinking about your question about landscape and how we respond to it and have a couple of personal responses to it for you.  This image was made in Africa 3 years ago. I found it whilst browsing and the “ordinariness” of it struck me. I recalled standing in this open plain and being struck by the colour of the day, the quality of the light and the gathering clouds above the mountains. Just the way I remembered Africa as a child.  Familiarity, home, comfort.  At the same time nothing spectacular and all important, a moment in which I felt free, happy to be alive, connected, a child again!

My soul seldom soars like it does when it connects to the landscape.  This landscape is so much of who I am, it goes back to the beginning, perhaps even beyond this life time, It has influenced how I think and feel.


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  4 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Your connection is clear for us all to see in this image.

    Comfort and familiarity come through loud and clear – perhaps balanced as well.

    It just feels like a peek at “your place”

  2. Bruce, it is interesting how you have flattened the perspective of this image which makes it more painterly.

  3. Landscape is so much like portraiture, you are capturing the essence of the scene in front of you, doesn’t matter if it is a vista as Bruce has captured here or a pretty girl/boy, you are still trying to capture the soul of the scene that lies in your viewfinder. I see landscapes as much as a portrait, by doing this & thinking this way you can stretch your skill in both areas. All this aside, Bruce you have captured the soul of this scene, I like the depth you have achieved here, a page from your past.

  4. I just say an unfortunate typo. Last para ” sours” should be “soars”. Big difference …

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