I am……on a Journey

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Feb 082014
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I am ….  on a Journey
a winding road…through light and shadow
not smooth…
lined with gold…  and  ice
Is this the right road for you?
What is over the ridge?

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  5 Responses to “I am……on a Journey”

  1. It’s a bit messy but there is bright light! Looks warm and inviting.

  2. It could be wet or muddy on the way but you are heading to the light.

  3. This is exactly my life always looking what is over the next ridge, through the next door or who knows.

  4. Do enjoy the journey Tim. That is probably more important than getting to the destination – which might remain unknown

  5. You said once to me “your work challenges me”. I don’t know if we are talking in the same sense but often your pictures will make me sit back on my haunches and reevaluate both my point of existence and my picture making. This is one of those images. It speaks to me of our transience in this world and the journey through the forest in this image the transition from the material to spirit.

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