Earth Layers

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Feb 072014
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Stone is the ancestor of all.

I came across this statement and I have been puzzling over it for some years now.  I'm still not sure that I understand what it means.

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  4 Responses to “Earth Layers”

  1. Pauline, I am lost for words. Beauty is what inspires me. This is simply beautiful.

  2. You have achieved a double – a meaningful image that is also aesthetically pleasing. Great job Pauline.

  3. Stone is the ancestor of all.
    It is of the beginning
    And the timeless spirit
    That joins star to star
    And age to age
    Out of stone comes life.

    –Barry Brailsford, Song of the Circle

  4. Great image, meaning and words. I not entirely sure about the page curl effect though.

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