In a hilltop paddock

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Feb 052014
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“Stop the Car !!!” was the cry as we came around the corner and passed the old stumps in the roadside paddock.

It took ages to safely turn around and to park back beside the stumps.

There are a number of these stumps on the hilltop road above Akaroa but, probably because of the bright day and the high harsh sun, this paddock stood out.

While studying at the scene through my lens and on the computer the next day, something seemed to be not quite right. Blue sky, puffy white clouds and nice green grass point to an ordered pastoral vista. But the stumps speak of something else. The stumps speak of a forest the once was and a forest that will fight back given half a chance.

The texture helped me express what I was seeing. The picture is about an underlying tension rather than a balanced paradise.

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  5 Responses to “In a hilltop paddock”

  1. Nice Ian, I feel that there is a challenge going on here between the stump & the clouds, my eye darts between the stump & the clouds, interesting image.

  2. I feel the same way as Scott.

  3. and I saw the bull’s horns rotting on the hill. Also a message of decay – man’s use of the land and its ultimate recovery.

  4. I see some horned prehistoric beast. Old but not dead. Dormant. Perhaps a spirit of the land rising out of the manicured landscape to remind us who is more powerful.

  5. Since before Christmas I’ve only been able to view these pictures on my phone, a poor substitute for a large screen, but I loved this as soon as it popped up. Now I can see it properly it’s even better. The colours and heavy grain of the sky makes it feel as though someone has unfurled a huge painted backdrop into the landscape to hide some unsavoury view. And the menace of the stump, truth rearing it’s ugly head.

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