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Feb 012014
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What do you show. What do you hide.
These are really the same thing but coming in two different directions. Being a “less is more” person, I tend to prefer ‘What do you show’. With an EVF (electronic view finder) on my camera I have great fun dialing the exposure compensation into the minuses until I it shows just enough of what I am interested in.  Otherwise this would be just another totem pole seen on our Canada trip.

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  4 Responses to “What do you show”

  1. I read today that “the right exposure is the one that expresses your vision” and it reminded me of your post.

    Having seen it with your EVF did you shoot it that way or do you shoot a more conventional exposure and darken in “post”?

  2. In camera is always best I think. It allows you to creat in the presence of the energy of the subject. Image shows a woman with a strong view of the world.

  3. Inspiring John. So simple, but very powerful.

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