Bodmin Moor

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Jan 272014
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We’ve returned to Cornwall and had our first visits to the moors.  They are amazing!  Wild playgrounds of weather warped plants, ancient stone buildings and walls in various stages of repair and disrepair, boggy grasses and puddles, standing stones and stone circles, Celtic crosses, untamed ponies, amazing natural (maybe) rock formations.  Wind.  Glorious light.  Moisture laden clouds race by, often dropping some of their load, to be followed (when we’re lucky) by shafts of golden light and rainbows.  When it does manage to show its face, the sun is so low in the sky that the light is lovely all day, though the day is short. 
I’m not a great one for landscape images, but I love this one.  It reminds me so much of the joy I experienced on that first day on the moor.

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  3 Responses to “Bodmin Moor”

  1. Vicki, this is a lovely wild landscape. I related to your story straight away. wonderful.

  2. The place feels cold yet at the same time warm, frightening yet welcoming.
    There is also a timeless sense to you image, it probably looked exactly the same 100 years ago and will look the same 100 years from now

  3. I love the wildy feel of this. I’d be happy playing here too.

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