Jan 252014
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This Female Leopard with her remaining cub of three, has felled and killed this antelope and dragged it under the bush to protect from the harsh sun.  Moremi Game Park, Botswana.

In the remaining hour and half before nightfall, she needs to disembowel and bury the contents before the scent attracts the Wild Dogs and Hyenas. She will then try to drag the carcass up the tree.  To survive the night, she and her cub need to be up the tree as well. I do not know if she succeeded.  One can only hope she did.

While she was resting, I observed some very intimate, tender and playful moments
between mother and cub.

The observation of this pair was rather emotional as it was so obvious that she
was so very tired and both hungry, still with much to do in the rapidly setting sun.

I was truly grateful to have been able to witness and photograph the extremely
of survival in this harsh land.

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  6 Responses to “Leopard and 3 month old cub – Raewyne Cathie”

  1. Hi Raewyne.
    The whole story you tell is repeated in the photograph. Th kill in the background and “Mum” clearly having a bit of a rest while “Junior” wants to help.
    But I find the eyes captivating and I love that you have taken us along to share your safari

  2. Wow! The eyes are practically glowing. What a fantastic experience to witness a slice of nature like this.

  3. Hi Raewyne, this image takes me home, thank you. You have captured a moment in nature that is rarely see let alone captured so well. I love the intimacy of the leopard coupled with the brutality if the kill. Africa is a continent of contrasts and this image shows that off so well. Then ther are the eyes. I hope i never have to look into eyes like that. Awesome image thank you.

    • Thankyou, Ian, Ann and Bruce. Your impressions are very much appreciated.This was such a special experience and I felt really in the zone, so did so hope it showed that way.

  4. Hi Raewyn, thank you for sharing with us, and especially this experience – one that not many of us (other than half of aGathering) will every be able to experience. Your words have added a richness to a wonderful picture 🙂

    • Thanks Jenny, I am still reveling in the experience and the opportunity to capture this leopard and her remaining cub in this context, let alone any other and everything else!!

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