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Sometimes it has to be done.
Sometimes I have to indulge the mind.
If I truly acknowledge who I am, then I must allow the scientist out to play.

On this day, a routine walk around our neighbourhood, I contemplated our departure and what it would be that I would remember about my surroundings. These musings made me very aware that my recorded memories would amount to a small area around the stream mouth that I document regularly; large patches of the evening sky to the west, which may or may not be weighted by the silhouette of Mt Ngongotaha;  some more patches of Tawhiri’s battling in the sky to the North; and a few random pictures of my cat as she follows me in my activities in the garden or at the washing line. Not much to show for 13 years of living in the neighbourhood. While we are “married” to one set of neighbours, I don’t even know any of the rest of them by name.

At 2am just recently a tumble of thoughts had to be let loose into my visual diary, to join pages, and books, of other such similar thoughts; all various projects that I’d like to pursue one day. This particular one centred around that same idea about neighbours and my project involved working my way around the street meeting them all. Needless to say, that one is still waiting on a particular shot of courage.

This day, however, I set myself a task. With limitations. John Buchan’s book “The 39 Steps” came to mind for no particular reason other than the title. So I ran with it. Camera at hip, in line with my body (documented terrain changes). Shot every 39 steps around my walk. No change in settings at all after an initial rough focus. We live in an area similar to many in NZ I imagine – a huge change in socioeconomic demographics within a suburb. It has been interesting to look at the images in this format and see what it has to tell me about my place.

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  5 Responses to “39 steps, Kawaha Point, Rotorua, November 2013”

  1. Genius! Love it. I have so often had this thought but never landed it because I was trying to be too complicated. Your solution is so simple. Great idea.

  2. Great idea Jen.

    I find it interesting that we are all very fence orientated. It is the same in any neighbourhood in NZ.

    Are we fencing ourselves in or others out???

    • Yes, Ian, that was one of the things that struck me. I don’t know whether it’s in or out, but it makes me feel very claustrophobic. It’s just another layer of insulation so that we don’t have to share. Anything. And the richest houses have the biggest fences.

  3. It is interesting, Ian. Where we go in the US it is very uncommon to fence yourself in.

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