Tidal Rock

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Jan 162014
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When I made this I was only slightly more mobile than the rock.

Fortunately when we were there the tide was on its way out so I was safe for a while. It did take a bit of effort to move the wheelchair out of the mudflats though.

It was interesting for a time to contemplate the world from the point of view of the rock. You might just have to sit and wait for the tides each day but you can look forward to the soothing water when you are dry or wait for the sun to dry you and to warm you when you are wet.

 It’s all about maintaining a positive view of things.

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  One Response to “Tidal Rock”

  1. I hear you, Ian.
    Beautiful image. I see the rock and feel it’s place and presence.
    The black and white, and the shadows and clouds give the impact of the feeling. I see you there….

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