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Jan 062014
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Several times in the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to be taken out on “photographic day trips”.

I have fantastic friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed each trip.

Typically these trips have happened after lunch on a warm summer day.

Hmmm – Im sure someone wrote a rule about photographing in such conditions!!.

My response to those conditions was to primarily photograph in B+W and produce dark, contrasty and dramatic images. However that is not how I felt while I was making the exposures – I was enjoying myself on a bright warm day. When I look at those images on my computer I sense that disconnect.

This one is the exception.

The out the car window slow shutter pan technique is all about just having fun.

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  3 Responses to “Drivepast”

  1. Great image Ian. Now, about that conversation concerning the best cameras to own…………………. (You did not mention that it was required to make blurry images!)

  2. Impressionistic in the true sense of the word. Love it Ian, unsurprisingly!

  3. no surprises here either.

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