Good Jess – Ira Mitchell

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Jan 052014
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“Good Jess”. 40x28inches, acrylic on stretched canvas. A commission portrait of Jess, a cocker spaniel hunting dog.
Born in the mountain resort of Queenstown, NZ; I appreciate the great outdoors. Now living in Christchurch and painting full time, my ranges from wildly loose brush strokes to highly realistic pieces as “Good Jess”. I am currently showing art in the Legato exhibition in Cassino, Italy and will being do so again, travelling with my art in 2014.

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  2 Responses to “Good Jess – Ira Mitchell”

  1. It is always the eyes that tell the story of a portrait. I get a real sense of Jess with this.

    Im not sure if this is made that way but painters often base their work on a photograph. But there is no restriction on how closely the final image follows the photograph.

    That is exactly how it should be and those comments apply to photographers as well. To me it doesnt matter at all how close to reality (whatever that is) a painting or a photograph is it is the essence of the subject or story that counts.

    Well done on the exhibitions

  2. I’m imagining your journey to Italy and loving how that would feel – an outward expression of the inward journey. Travel well.

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