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Jan 012014
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During the October shearing workshop, we were lucky enough to be around when they had a mob of sheep to crutch between shearing. There was not much for the rousies to do so they dragged the sheep out of the catching pens for the shearers. What a hoot, the girls had fun, we had fun & the shearers got a lot of sheep done in a hurry.
I like the expressions of all involved, the sheep lying prone, the little smile on the rousies face & the shearer stepping forwards to take the sheep from here, it is all a story.
I love going down & capturing the action in the shed, it is a whole different photographic experience, especially in a working shed, not a set up. You have to stay out of the way otherwise you will get knocked over.

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  1. even the sheep seems to be enjoying himself

  2. Scott, pardon me if I laugh out loud. The sheep is so comical. This is a foreign world to me. I enjoy your window into it.

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