Moreton Bay Fig Tree

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Dec 272013
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They stand on the roadside with their massive intertwined roots threatening to bar the way.

I am told that these trees featured in the Harry Potter movies.

While Im not sure if that is true I do know that they are magical.


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  3 Responses to “Moreton Bay Fig Tree”

  1. Great image Ian. The root system is fascinating but you have also made the fig tree stand out from the trees on the right and the field on the left. Have you printed it?

  2. Beautiful beautiful dragons tails. I think it is good that we can use our imaginations to create magical worlds and still be in awe of the world in front of our eyes. Good on you Ian.

  3. Ian, magical definitely comes to mind. Takes me back to my childhood and the stories of the “Far away tree” that were so real for me.

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