Contemplation – Chris Crossley

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Dec 262013
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The reason I choose this image is because there is thought there, not a plastic smile with dead eyes as we see so much today.
There has been no skin softening, no freckle removal and I think that the image is better because of that.
Ask children/adults if they like to be told to smile for the camera, most will say no, but if you let them relax and engage them, any facial expression you get after that will be true and honest. That is how I approach my pictures and life itself with honesty.

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  5 Responses to “Contemplation – Chris Crossley”

  1. This captures a contemplative mood very well.

  2. Very mysterious. Something about it makes me want to keep looking at it- which is one of my criteria for successful photograph.

  3. Interesting treatment, nice.

  4. Chris, as you say, this is a very authentic portrait that tells us so much more that how the woman looks. We get to experience bit about how she feels. Thank you.

    • thank you Bruce, that is my aim, I prefer some connection rather than the plastic happy happy joy joy type of portrait…everyone can smile, but the smiles are not always real

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