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Dec 252013
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We visited a remote village in Botswana’s Okavango delta, the home of one of our guides.  This young girl caught my attention, she was minding her own business, doing her own thing, in a world that did not include me or anyone else, or so it appeared.  I sensed that a portrait might not tell the story I was feeling so I waited for this moment, the moment she raised her hand, so relaxed, so childlike.  My heart melted with the empathy of a father as the universal connection of adult to child hit me in the heart.  For one instant the pose caught exactly what I felt, I pressed the shutter release and then she turned around …..

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  1. This pose certainly does show the carefree relaxed attitude.

    But you have framed it as a portrait so I find that pushes me to view it as a picture of her not of how she feels. I would like to see a wider shot with more of her world to study.

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